Everyone In Kentucky Remembers These 12 Things In School

Kentucky schools are preparing to start sessions again, which means school supplies are on sale all around. Looking at all the new fangled designer backpacks and lap tops; I’m reminded of how different things have become. Back in the 1980s, things were just a lot different, from our notebooks and pens, to the style clothing we wore. Only private schools wore uniforms back then.

Here are 12 nostalgic school supplies from the 1980s:

Many of these items can be found today on Ebay, Amazon or Etsy, but not in a local department store. Modern kids use backpacks with laptops, tablets, or some type of electronic replacement. Homemade lunches are often forgotten in favor of things like McDonalds, school meals, or a Snackables of some type. If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you will likely relate to something on this list. Please feel free to share any other school supplies you remember from your youth in the comments below.


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