Kentucky Has A Grand Canyon And It’s Too Beautiful For Words

Everyone is familiar with Arizona’s majestic Grand Canyon, but other states have their own version. The renowned Grand Canyon in Kentucky, (AKA, Red River Gorge), is a magical place 365 days a year. If you have never visited the Gorge, you will be surprised by the beauty it holds. It is definitely a spot to add to your bucket list for a weekend trip of scenic beauty and serenity

Here are 11 things that make the Grand Canyon in Kentucky so special:

1. The Gorge is a favorite spot.

Nature enthusiasts cannot help but love Red River Gorge. The scenery changes with each season, providing an almost entirely different environment every few months. It is a consistently metamorphosizing realm of Mother Nature’s beauty with an endless array of activities.

The scenic beauty of the Grand Canyon in Kentucky is breathtaking all year round. However, there is plenty of Mother Nature’s magic spread all across the state. We have written about our state’s incredible beauty in the past, and will do so in the future. Why? We are blessed with a homeland filled from border to border with natural and manmade wonders.