This Teeny Tiny Taco Trailer And Ice Cream Stand Is A Kentucky Dining Twofer

Quick question: when you picture the ultimate portable dinner-and-dessert combo, what comes to mind? A burger and a shake? Pizza and a cookie? Tacos and ice cream? Now we’re talking. Because really, does it get any more crave-worthy and casual than a taco and ice cream? It doesn’t. And this is the delicious dynamic duo you’ll discover when you visit Sissy’s Tacos and Zoe’s Ice-Cream, two walk-up food stands in one perfect little locale in Mt. Washington, Kentucky.

Zoe’s Ice-Cream and Sissy’s Tacos… what a delightful dining twofer in Kentucky!

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Address: Sissy's Taco Trailer, 580 N Bardstown Rd, Mt Washington, KY 40047, USA
Address: Zoe's Ice-Cream, 580 N Bardstown Rd #3, Mt Washington, KY 40047, USA