The Kentucky Derby Festival Is On This Year And Here’s What To Expect

Many Kentuckians look forward to the first Saturday in May each year for all of the festivities and excitement surrounding the Kentucky Derby. Of course last year, in 2020, the Derby did not happen in May and was postponed to early September with a very limited audience. We all know things are still different in 2021, but luckily there are many traditions that will return in some way this year. The Kentucky Derby Festival in 2021 will involve some in-person fun, a few surprises, a traveling parade, and many suggestions on how to bring the fun of the Derby into your own home.

The Kentucky Derby Festival in 2021 may not be exactly as we remember, but we will be able to participate in some of our favorite features and watch “the fastest two minutes in sports” in the spring once again. Do you love all of the festivities around the Derby? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on the changes and what to expect with the Kentucky Derby Festival in 2021, check its website often and also follow along on Facebook.

And if you want to relive a previous Kentucky Derby, take a look at this video that shows when Secretariat won in 1973.

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