The Jungle-Like Area Of Kentucky That You Have To Experience For Yourself

With a diverse landscape like Kentucky’s, you can often feel as if you’ve traveled the world, just by following a hiking trail. We offer mountainous terrain, rocky gorges, boardwalks, swamps, lakefront views, and so much more. And while the Bluegrass State is far from the tropics, there are times of the year that it looks and feels like a tropical forest has taken over some of the hiking trails. There’s one particular jungle-like area of Kentucky that you must experience for yourself, and it offers a little of everything.

The Cedar Sink Trail and the area above Mammoth Cave are certainly unique, and the jungle-like atmosphere it sometimes has makes it that much more special. Have you hiked this trail when it felt like a wild jungle? Can you sense the atmosphere from these photos? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on this trail and the others within Mammoth Cave National Park, visit here.

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