10 Historic Towns In Kentucky That Will Transport You To The Past

If you appreciate history, there are plenty of towns in Kentucky that can make you feel in touch with your “ancient” side. We have some beautifully restored communities, buildings, homes, and more, spread out in different places all across the state. Visitors can step back into the past in log cabins from the 1700s, or walk around in restored Victorian mansions, depending on the location.

Here are 10 incredible Bluegrass places that stayed in touch with their origins:

If you visit any of these unique Kentucky towns, prepare to feel like you’ve stepped back in time… at least in some areas. Each of these communities has something from the past to offer, that actually looks like it did during its heyday. If you enjoy checking out historical venues, you won’t want to miss these. If you have visited other Bluegrass places that make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, please comment about them.