Most People Don’t Know The Story Behind This Hidden Tunnel In Kentucky

Known as “The Gateway to Red River Gorge,” Nada Tunnel is a historic 900-foot tunnel that is without a doubt the most fascinating way to enter the gorge. If you’re driving along KY-77 in Powell County, you’ll encounter this hidden tunnel, which looks like a hole carved into the face of a mountain, with the greenery of the surrounding trees ready to swallow your car. Turn on your headlights, make sure oncoming cars aren’t coming through the tunnel from the other way, and get ready to drive through this remarkable piece of Kentucky history.

To get to Nada Tunnel, take exit 33 off the Bert T. Comb Mountain Parkway. From there, take KY-11 N for 1.5 miles. Turn right on KY-77 N and continue for about two miles, and you’ll eventually reach the tunnel. Once you go through it, there are tons of trailheads and beautiful scenery on the other side. Welcome to Red River Gorge!