There’s A Monastery Hidden In Kentucky And You’ll Want To Visit

Kentucky has acre upon acre of rolling hills, open space, and thick forests, and you never know what may be hiding when you venture away from its towns and cities. Out in the countryside near the charming town of Bardstown, you’ll find something truly unexpected. The Abbey of Gethsemani is a monastery that provides a home for Trappist monks and it is also open for guests to visit. This property may not be what you expect, but it’s a true retreat from everyday life as most of us know it.

The Abbey of Gethsemani is a beautiful and peaceful place that welcomes respectful guests who are seeking solitude, reflection, learning, and prayer. It’s a hidden spot in our state that you’d probably never expect to find. Did you know about this Monastery in Kentucky? Have you been there? Share your experience with us in the comments.

The Abbey of Gethsemani is located at 3642 Monks Rd., Trappist, KY 40051. For more information, visit its website here.

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