Here Are The 10 Most Generous, Giving Towns In Kentucky

The Bluegrass State is blessed with good hearted people, for the most part. It is true many Kentuckians work hard, and play hard, but the bottom line is, we still take time out to think about others. We rank amongst the top 25 most giving states according Metropolitan Statistical data acquired in a 2012 report by Their findings showed Kentuckians give 3.46% of their adjusted gross income to charity. The adjusted gross income is a combined $54,056,478,000, and the total charitable contributions were $1,941,099,000. That doesn’t look to bad in comparison to the states that ranked below us, but what generous cities in Kentucky helped us achieve that rank?

Here are the 10 most generous cities in Kentucky, according to data provided:

Since the list is based on metropolitan statistics, we used the biggest or primary communities for the most generous cities in Kentucky. However, if your city falls within the metropolitan area according to the data, it is part of the study. For example, Lexington’s data includes Wilmore, Paris, Versailles, Mount Vernon and Midway. Thus, you all contributed. Did you find any of the cities on this list surprising?