Hike Along A New Boardwalk Added To The Scenic Hematite Lake Trail In Kentucky

Land Between the Lakes is a stunning area of our state that offers outdoor adventure all year long. From the bison prairie to wetlands and more, it’s a destination in the Bluegrass that should be experienced at least once. And when you do visit, a walk around Hematite Lake is a must. Thankfully, this lakefront trail in Kentucky has been rejuvenated thanks to a new boardwalk along a part of the trail, making this scenic hike even more appealing and enjoyable.

The path around Hematite Lake is a lakefront trail in Kentucky that’s now even better than before. It’s always been a favorite hike within Land Between the Lakes, but now it’s even more enjoyable. Have you taken this walk around the lake? What’s your favorite area of Land Between the Lakes? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on this lakefront trail in Kentucky, take a look at the Hematite Lake Trail on Alltrails and visit the Land Between the Lakes website.

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Address: Hematite Lake, Kentucky 42038, USA