The Magical World of Harry Potter and other similar franchises have captured the hearts of so many faithful fans around the world. We read the stories, watch the movies, and try to imagine what it would be like to experience this enchanted world where nothing is at it seems. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter or other fantasy stories, be prepared for your magical dreams to come true! Inspired by the wizarding world, Michaelis Events has created a unique experience where you can spend an evening in a Hogwarts-like setting. The event is called A Wizards Christmas Extravaganza and it’s happening in Frankfort in just a few months.

Take a closer look at last year’s event in this YouTube video by Alabaster: A Witchcraft & Wizardry School:

We may not be able to literally jump into the pages of Harry Potter, but this unique event can get you pretty close. Did you know about this seasonal event in Frankfort? Would you like to go? Share your thoughts with us and be sure to tag other Harry Potter fan in the comments!

For more information on the Alabaster Wizarding School and the story behind this event, check it out here. To purchase tickets, visit the event’s website here and stay up-to-date by following along on Facebook here.

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