Named The Most Beautiful Small Town In Kentucky, Take A Closer Look At Grand Rivers

Kentucky is a beautiful state made up of countless scenic towns and cities. To name the most beautiful of these places is like naming a favorite child, but that doesn’t mean others don’t try to do it. The magazine House Beautiful recently gave its input and named Grand Rivers the most beautiful town in Kentucky. It’s impossible to deny the beauty of this lakefront town that offers waterfront views, a charming lighthouse, restaurants, overnight accommodations, and much more. Take a closer look at this waterfront small town in Kentucky that is most definitely beautiful.

When you think of beautiful small towns in Kentucky, Grand Rivers definitely comes to mind. This waterfront small town in Kentucky has so much to offer and its beauty is truly one of its best features. Do you agree with this choice for the most beautiful small town in Kentucky? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Plan your own visit to this waterfront small town in Kentucky on the Grand Rivers website.

And when you make it to Grand Rivers, stop by this lovely restaurant for a memorable meal.

Address: Grand Rivers, KY 42045, USA