Golden Pond Is A Kentucky Ghost Town That’s Perfect For An Autumn Day Trip

It’s a known part of life that towns may come and go for a variety of reasons. Our state has witnessed the rise and fall of many cities throughout the Bluegrass due to the railroad, the coal industry, other businesses, waterways and dams, and the expansion of the roadways, among other reasons. Golden Pond is now a ghost town in Kentucky that became such due to a couple of these reasons. The town is now completely gone due to a highway and the creation of Land Between the Lakes, but the tribute to it and this lovely area make for the perfect autumn day trip.

There may not be much left of Golden Pond, but you can still visit this ghost town in Kentucky thanks to the creation of a tribute that came to be out of love, passion, and dedication to preserving this small and historic town. Have you been to this overlook and did you know about the history of Golden Pond? Let us know in the comments.

For more information on the Golden Pond Interpretive Overlook and Land Between the Lakes, visit its website here.

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Address: 238 Visitor Center Dr, Golden Pond, KY 42211, USA