Four Generations Of A Kentucky Family Have Owned And Operated The Legendary Plehn’s Bakery

In 1922, Kuno Plehn, a native of Kiel, Germany, opened the eponymous Plehn’s Bakery in Louisville, Kentucky, unaware that he was creating a place that would become a legendary Louisville institution. In the 100 years since, the bakery has moved and been passed down through four generations of Plehn family members. While the world looks very different today than it did in 1922, the magic that happens within the four walls of 3940 Shelbyville Road in Louisville, Kentucky, remains true to Kuno Plehn’s original ethos and vision.

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Of course, Louisville is home to many an iconic Kentucky establishment — most notably, the Brown Hotel!

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Address: Plehn's Bakery, 3940 Shelbyville Rd, St Matthews, KY 40207, USA