This Small Town Gas Station In Kentucky Serves Up The Best Sausage In The State

It’s a pretty common occurrence to pull into a gas station to fill up your car, maybe grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee, or maybe even a lottery ticket. But how many times have you driven to a gas station, just to get some of the best food in the state? If you’ve heard of 150 Quick Stop in Bardstown, then chances are you have actually visited a gas station in Kentucky just for the food. It turns out that this small town gas station in the Bluegrass serves up the best sausage in the state, making this pit stop about so much more than just filling up your car.

150 Quick Stop is a unique gas station in Kentucky with a hidden gem tucked away inside – the best sausage in Kentucky. Have you tried Jake’s Country Fresh Sausage from 150 Quick Stop? Are there any other gas stations in Kentucky with a delicious secret? Share with us in the comments!

150 Quick Stop is located at 4598 Springfield Rd., Bardstown, KY 40004.

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