This Free Nature Cruise In Kentucky Is The Perfect Way To Spend A Summer Day

There are many ways to experience the natural beauty and history of Kentucky, and one of the best to do it is from the water. Whether kayaking down a hidden creek or riding on a top-notch riverboat, there are several options in the Bluegrass State to see and learn from a boat. There is one excursion that is based in Frankfort and is run through Kentucky State University that is not only informative and scenic, but also free. The Kentucky River Thorobred Cruise is the perfect way to spend a day in The Bluegrass State, and we have all the details you need to plan your own adventure.

A ride on the Kentucky River Thorobred Cruise is a wonderful way to spend a day here in the Bluegrass State. Take this free cruise to experience nature, learn about the landscape of our state, and embark on a unique adventure that shows off the beauty and history of Kentucky. Have you heard of this little-known free cruise? Have you enjoyed a ride on the Kentucky River Thorobred Cruise? Let us know in the comments!

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Address: Kentucky River, Kentucky, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Kentucky River Thorobred Cruise

March 11, 2021

What are some other river cruises in Kentucky?

In addition to the Kentucky River Thorobred Cruise, you’ll find lots of opportunities to explore The Bluegrass State by water. Within the popular destination of Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, the Dixie Belle has come back to life and it’s carrying passengers down the Kentucky River. They offer a cruise aboard their 115-passenger riverboat, the Dixie Belle. It’s a unique way to learn more about this treasured area of Kentucky. It’s the very best way to view the scenic Kentucky River Palisades, high limestone cliffs, and untouched natural beauty along the banks of the river. You can relax in a seat and enjoy the sublime river views.

What are some free things to do in Kentucky?

You can definitely explore The Bluegrass State on a budget, as there are plenty of fun things you can do for free! In fact, some of the very best parks and natural attractions in Kentucky can be explored for free. One of the most breathtaking sites in all of Kentucky is from the top of Natural Bridge in Slade, KY — and admission to this park won’t cost you a dime. Once you enter Natural Bridge State Resort Park, hike the Original Trail, which is less than a mile, up to the top of Natural Bridge to soak up the beauty of Red River Gorge. Enjoy million-dollar views, for free! Another stunner is Cumberland Falls, where you can see one of the most glorious natural phenomenon in the world, a moonbow (that’s a moon-lit rainbow!). The only other place in the world where a moonbow happens on a consistent basis is Victoria Falls in Africa, so it’s pretty cool that you can see one at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. The moonbow happens around and during full moons on clear nights.

Does Kentucky have a lot of rivers?

The Bluegrass State could easily be called “The River State,” as Kentucky boasts 2,982 miles of rivers! There are some truly resplendent rivers here, too: Cumberland River, Kentucky River, Mississippi River, and Green River are some of the most glorious. And of course, there’s the Ohio River. The Ohio River borders Kentucky from Indiana, Ohio, and part of Illinois. It has some amazing riverfront parks and is a popular waterway for boating, including the famed Belle of Louisville. 

Address: Kentucky River, Kentucky, USA