Throughout history, Kentucky has seen many conflicts and battles and there is evidence of those events to this day. Our state has preserved battlefields, forts, and other remnants from times Kentucky experienced battle, war, and heartache. It is fascinating to learn from the past and visit these spots today and one of the most incredible historic sites is Fort Duffield. Located just south of Louisville in West Point, you can explore the remnants of this 1800s fort in Kentucky and also visit the cemetery where many were buried after dying during the fort’s construction.

If you enjoy learning about our state’s past and can appreciate its history, then plan a visit to Fort Duffield. This 1800s fort in Kentucky offers plenty for history buffs, but it is also a beautiful place to explore with hiking trails, views, and a unique story that paints a picture of our state’s past. Did you know about Fort Duffield? Do you enjoy visiting historic sites in Kentucky? Tell us about your favorites in the comments.

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