Bellevue Might Just Be The Newest Foodie Town In Kentucky

The Bluegrass State has a lot of bragging rights and one of them is the variety of delicious restaurants that fill our big cities and small towns. Some of our smallest destinations are home to the biggest flavors and many of these places may surprise you. If you’ve spent time in Northern Kentucky, then you know that Covington, Newport, and other cities along the river have really stepped up their dining scenes. Well, the city of Bellevue should not be overlooked in this transformation, as it might just be the newest foodie town in Kentucky. The variety of restaurants alone is impressive, especially given the town’s size, and you’ll have a blast eating your way through this charming city.

Bellevue is a charming city that is definitely on the radar as a foodie town in Kentucky. Try flavors from around the world and those that showcase the deliciousness of the Bluegrass State, all in this one tiny riverfront town in Kentucky. Have you enjoyed any of these restaurants in Bellevue? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

And these are just a few examples of the dining destinations offered in Bellevue. For more on the city’s restaurants and what else there is to do, visit its website here.

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