A Devastating Fire Has Destroyed Acres Of Kentucky’s Red River Gorge

Weather conditions are a big factor when choosing to head out and explore Kentucky. There’s nothing like a beautiful day in the Bluegrass, but our weather can also cause conditions that bring about damage to the natural beauty of our state. Wildfires in Kentucky are not something we often hear too much about, but as parts of the state experience drought conditions, fire is a huge concern. Unfortunately, there are currently wildfires in areas of our state, including Red River Gorge, and these dry conditions are not expected to improve anytime soon.

Wildfires in Kentucky pose a significant threat to our forests, especially during these dry weather conditions. It is always important to abide by guidelines when it comes to campfires and to show our state’s natural beauty the utmost respect. Have you hiked around the Sky Bridge? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

For the most up-to-date information on wildfires in Kentucky within Daniel Boone National Forest, follow along with the area and the U.S. Forest Service here.

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