Everyone In Kentucky Must Visit This Epic Natural Spring As Soon As Possible

Few states can brag about the overall beauty of their surroundings, but we can. The Bluegrass State has gorgeous land and more miles of navigable water than any state, except Alaska. Our abundant forests are thick and hearty, and Kentucky’s natural springs have the crispest, cleanest water you will ever see. One of the most amazing of which is the Saunders Springs Nature Preserve, named after the original landowners from the early 1800s.

If you have never been to one of Kentucky’s natural springs, Saunders Springs should be put on the bucket list. It is a serene preserve with some scattered history just waiting to be explored. I always found the bluish pond to be a mesmerizing, peaceful spot on the right day. There is an abundance of gorgeous natural springs on private properties, but as far as public access, Saunders Springs is a real gem. What is your favorite natural spring in Kentucky?

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