The 4.5-Mile Laurel, Turkey Ridge and Blue Heron Trail In Kentucky Takes You Through An Enchanted Forest

There are lots of beautiful hikes in the Bluegrass, but did you know there’s a trail in Kentucky that leads straight through a real enchanted forest? This is the magic of the Laurel, Turkey Ridge and Blue Heron Trail in Kentucky’s Lake Malone State Park. The park recently added some new fairy tale friends to the forest, and these larger-than-life creatures make for an enchanting hiking adventure here in Kentucky.

Have you visited Lake Malone State Park recently? Did you know about the “Big Twigs” family of whimsical woodland creatures in this park? This enchanted forest trail in Kentucky really is the most magical hiking experience!

Of course, this isn’t the only straight-from-a-fairy-tale spot in the state. From dining in a real-life castle to admiring our very own moonbow, the Bluegrass State is an enchanting and magical place to be!

Address: Lake Malone, Kentucky, USA