12 Eerie Shots In Kentucky That Are Spine-Tingling Yet Magical

Fog can give our beautiful hills, mountains, rivers, and valleys a somewhat eerie look in Kentucky, regardless of season. Winter, summer, spring or fall, when the fog creeps in, the beauty becomes somewhat mystifying. Fog has been the center of a few movies in which things got a bit out of hand, so people can be slightly spooked when it envelopes them. Realistically, it does get pretty thick and hard to see through.

Here are 12 eerie photographs of fog rolling through Kentucky:

As long as you’re not driving in it, the fog can actually be quite serene. The soft white curls and fluffy aspects give it a cloud like appearance in several of these images. Which of the above is your favorite foggy photo? Is there anywhere in Kentucky you like to watch the fog roll in? Tell us in the comments below!

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