Take A Walk In The Woods Along The Easy Chimney Top Hiking Trail In Kentucky

A walk in the woods does wonders for the soul and it’s even better when you have a place to relax and take in an amazing view halfway through it. Kentucky has countless easy hiking trails that are ideal for strolling and viewing natural beauty and one popular spot sits on top of a cliff in Red River Gorge. The Chimney Top hiking trail in Kentucky is fairly quick and easy, but the scenery and views make it one of the best hikes in the Bluegrass and the perfect place to lose yourself in nature.

The Chimney Top Trail in Kentucky is known for its sweeping views of the Gorge, but don’t forget to take your time as you walk through the woods and enjoy the natural beauty and calming effect nature will have on you. Have you hiked this easy trail with a big payoff? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

For more details, directions, and information on the Chimney Top Trail in Kentucky, visit its USDA website.

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