What This Drone Footage Caught In Kentucky Will Drop Your Jaw

Kentucky has a lot to be proud of. The first things that come to mind are our beautiful land, forests and waterways. Our fair state is  renowned for Mother Nature’s beauty, and a few other things. Now, instead of simple stories or photographs, we can witness some of our gorgeous land via aerial views. Helicopters help out the news, media and police, but that is seldom positive.

Today’s amateur aerial photographers awe us with drone footage caught in Kentucky, showing the beauty, not the bad of various parts of our beloved state. The view on these 10 videos is better than most the sound tracks. Several have the hum of the drone, but the scenes are breathtaking. Enjoy the incredible beauty of the Bluegrass State!

10. Louisville’s River front:


9. Fireworks at Whitaker Bank Ballpark in Lexington:


8. Red River Gorge at the Kentucky Sky Bridge:


7. The Kentucky High Bridge, once the highest railroad bridge:


6. The Historic Farnsley Moreman Landing in Louisville:


5. This offers a unique view of Taylorsville (and the sound isn’t bad either):


4. Kentucky’s Half Moon and Chimney Rock at the Gorge:


3. A Mayfield Kentucky farm community:


2. Northern Kentucky to the tune of Cumberland Gap:


1. Harlan, (and this one has a great soundtrack to accompany the beautiful scenery):


Each one of these videos offers breathtaking scenes via drone footage caught in Kentucky. I am loving our current warm front this winter, but these videos make me long for spring and summer to get here quickly. I love the gorgeous shades of green in some of these aerial shows.

If you have any drone footage to share, please feel free to comment on the Only in Kentucky page. I couldn’t choose a favorite myself, but which one of these Kentucky videos did you like best?