12 Words And Phrases People In Kentucky Just Don’t Understand

As new Kentucky generations begin to outnumber those born before 1975, and out of state folks move here, we are seeing a whole new form of communication. There are words coming out of peoples’ mouths that leave us pondering, and often raising an eyebrow quizzically. Some of these comical expressions and words sound nothing like what one would normally say to express themselves in Kentucky. In most cases, they honestly just don’t seem to make any sense.

The younger generations create their own language, in some cases just to feel cool, or befuddle their parents or elders. Here are 12 words or phrases that may cause a Kentuckian to look perplexed:

Kentuckians like to speak plainly, in most cases, though we do have our “twang”. It seems like modern society is in such a hurry, they cannot even take the time to say a whole word. Instead, they have to shorten it for convenience, or a “coolness” factor. The majority of this new language doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s becoming more common to see teenagers talking while their parents look on with a seemingly blank expression…What are some modern expressions or words that you have heard, and find baffling?

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