Disturbing Things Happened In These 11 Small Towns In Kentucky

Kentucky is a beautiful place to live, but that doesn’t mean disturbing things don’t happen–even in small towns. Our little communities are normally quite serene, but every now and then something turns things inside out. In most cases these horrid or unusual events don’t occur very often, and our small towns remain peaceful and relaxing.

Here are 11 disturbing things that happened in small town Kentucky:

11. Hopkinsville Goblins

Standing around 3-4 feet tall and having black liquid looking eyes and lipless mouths, these little guys are said to wander, move things, steal things and peep in windows. Though similar drawings have been found in some of Kentucky’s cave systems, more modern allegations began in 1955, and have been reported off and on up to recent years.

Visiting Kentucky can be one of the most surreal experiences you will have in life, depending on when and where you go. Most of our state is filled with friendly, good hearted people and gorgeous scenery. Our small towns are as warm and inviting as a modern day Mayberry in 9 out of 10 areas. The few disturbing incidents that occur are well beyond a town’s control, but that is what catches the media’s ear. The good of Kentucky and our people by far outweighs any bad, so don’t get the wrong idea. Sometimes it is good to know why a place has a certain feel to it when taking a trip. I obviously do not get the scoop on everything, so what disturbing news do you recall seeing or hearing about a small town in Kentucky?