This Brand New Hiking Trail Connects Two Kentucky State Parks

The new Coach Lester G. Mimms Trail is two miles long, and connects two Kentucky State Parks: the Historic Cherokee Park and Kenlake State Resort Park. But as you’ll soon see, this trail does so much more than merely bridge two formerly disparate parks. Named after long-time Kentucky Park Superintendent Coach Lester Mimms, this trail is significant for numerous reasons. Cherokee State Park was originally a blacks-only state park, created to complement the then-whites-only Kentucky Lake State Park (now Kenlake State Resort Park). Today, however, this new trail represents not only a literal bridging between two Bluegrass parks, but also a symbolic connection between two cultures.

This beautiful new trail is definitely worth checking out ASAP; we recommend adding it to your Bluegrass hiking bucket list!

Address: Kenlake State Resort Park, 542 Kenlake Rd, Hardin, KY 42048, USA