There’s A Little Known Unique Cemetery In Kentucky… And It’s Truly Hauntingly Beautiful

When you think about unique or little known places to visit, a cemetery probably does not come to mind. Visitors might be surprised by all the incredible beauty and serenity there is to be found at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville. Cave Hill is possibly the most hauntingly beautiful cemetery in Kentucky, filled with majestic monuments, trees, rolling hills and immaculate landscaping. We decided to take a look at what attracts the living to this amazing city of those resting in peace.

Cave Hill Cemetery on 701 Baxter Avenue, is a special part of Louisville’s history. Initially, in the late 1700s, this 300-acre plot of land was just a farm. In 1848, the cemetery was chartered on the land. Frederick A. Kaye contracted the Hartford, Connecticut engineer, Edmund Francis Lee, to create a designer Victorian garden-style cemetery. The entrance is graced with a Corinthian architectural style building which includes a massive 2,000 pound bell and a clock tower.

This beautiful final resting place was designed to make visitors just as comfortable as residents. They provided ponds, lakes, valleys, hilltop graves, winding paths, plentiful trees, flowers and comfortable spots to sit and visit those who passed on.

Great pride was taken in the construction of the monuments that mark these graves. Guardian angels and life-sized statues watch over the residents’ eternal sleep. There are replicas of those laid to rest, mythical beings and guardians protecting the spirits as they wander in eternity.

Cave Hill also has several military sections, including Civil War, Confederate, Vietnam, WWII and modern soldiers who were killed in battle.

This beautiful cemetery is also home to quite a few famous individuals, such as the Frito-Lay magician Harry Collins, and Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Visitors will also find several renditions of Jesus keeping a watchful eye out over those resting in peace.

When it comes to finding incredibly beautiful and serene spots, a cemetery may not be your first thought. However, Cave Hill is a hauntingly beautiful cemetery in Kentucky, where both the sleeping and the living can find peace. What unusual place in Kentucky do you find beautiful?

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