Most People Don’t Know These 11 Treasures Are Hiding In Kentucky

Back in Kentucky’s days of old, many people either did not trust the banks, or did not have access to one. In cases such as this, wise Kentuckians would often bury their treasure hordes in spots they deemed safe. In most cases an old tree or some landmark would signal the spot, but many passed on before digging up their hidden treasures. A few ole’ timers thought to leave a note for their wives, but in some cases, their riches remain unclaimed, and well hidden.

Here are 11 hidden treasures most people don’t know about:

With the incredible history of Kentucky lands, there is no telling what we can find if we start digging. Of course, it depends on where you live. Many rural areas that have been worked by farmers over the generations could have all types of hidden coins and such buried around. Banks have not always been the favored way of storing money. There is something about looking for buried treasure that brings about excitement. Wouldn’t you love to “accidentally” find an ancient treasure horde?