These 20 Breathtaking Views In Kentucky Could Be Straight Out Of The Movies

Kentucky’s scenic beauty is completely breathtaking. Have you ever been watching a film and thought to yourself, “well that looks just like so-in-so county?” Well, I have on more than one occasion. In the right lighting, parts of our gorgeous state could be straight out of the movies, and ironically, some spots have been in films. Here are 20 amazing images via our talented local photographers:

Each and every one of these very capable photographers captured images for our beautiful state that could easily be straight out of the movies. It takes more than just the click of a button to achieve such perfection. Mind you, they do have a perfect canvas to work for being in Kentucky, but still, t’s excellent work. Please continue to send in your wonderful photographic art of our state. Which one of these is your favorite? Do you have one of your own to add?