Indulge In Dressed Up Hot Dogs At Boonedogs In Kentucky

There are many foods that serve as a blank canvas for chefs and foodies to use as the base to a memorable and creative meal. We see practically everything on top of a pizza and the basic milkshake has turned into a multi-layered experience. It doesn’t get more basic than the hot dog, but at Boonedogs in Lexington, they’ve dressed them up to be even more delicious. If you want to try this tasty trend and indulge in gourmet hot dogs in Kentucky, head to this local restaurant that not only has “dressed up” dogs, but also serves up burgers, fried bologna, salads, and more.

We are all for gourmet hot dogs in Kentucky and Boonedogs is a delicious and fun place to try them. The relaxed atmosphere is ideal for indulging in these over-the-top hot dogs and other menu items and many have already discovered this tasty local restaurant in Lexington. Have you had the chance to try Boonedogs? Do you like another restaurant for gourmet hot dogs in Kentucky? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Boonedogs, including hours and a full menu, visit its website and also follow along with the eatery on Facebook.

And for more hot dogs, this time the classic version, try this summertime spot where you can enjoy a burger or a hot dog right on the river.

Address: Boonedogs Bar & Restaurant, 5902 Old Richmond Rd, Lexington, KY 40515, USA