Three 14-Foot-Tall Giants Have Moved Into A Lakeside Park In Kentucky

The massive lakes and large parks throughout western Kentucky are well-known and many families enjoy spending time there. But there are also plenty of hidden gems that offer the same outdoor adventures, campsites, and even some unique attractions that are worth a visit. Lake Malone State Park is a lovely park and campground in Dunmor and has a little bit of everything. And if you’re looking for a family-friendly activity in Kentucky, you’ll want to plan a visit to check out the three, 14-foot-tall giants that have moved into this lakeside park and are patiently awaiting you along the trails and lakefront.

As a family-friendly activity in Kentucky, a trip to a state park should top the list. We have so many wonderful options and Lake Malone is a true gem in the western part of our state. Go camping, fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, and now you can also visit these whimsical giants who call the park home. Have you been to Lake Malone State Park? What is your favorite family-friendly activity in Kentucky? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on the park and where to find the giants, visit the Lake Malone website.

And for another similar experience not far from Louisville, pay a visit to the giants at Bernheim Arboretum.

Address: Lake Malone State Park, 331 Ic-8001A, Dunmor, KY 42339, USA