We Bet You Didn’t Know That Kentucky Was Home To The Only Fully Underground Zip Line In The World

Kentucky is known ’round the world for its epic underground caverns, with one mammoth cave boasting a particularly impressive resume. But there’s another cave in Kentucky that’s also quite extraordinary, with its own record-breaking claims to fame, too. The Louisville Mega Cavern is a massive underworld that’s a true superlative superstar. Not only is it the largest building in Kentucky (more on that momentarily), but it’s also home to the only fully underground zip line in the entire world.

In a state that’s world famous for its caves, perhaps it should come as no surprise that Kentucky is also to the one and only underground zip line in the world. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool claim to fame, and definitely an adventure that belongs on your Bluegrass bucket list! Visit the Louisville Mega Cavern website to learn more and plan your underground excursion.

Address: Louisville Mega Cavern, 1841 Taylor Ave, Louisville, KY 40213, USA