Some Of The Best Drivers In The Nation Are Found In Louisville, Kentucky According To A New Study

It’s always fun to see how our state stacks up against the others in a variety of lists and reports. We all know that Kentucky is a fantastic state, but we also know that we can often be found at the bottom of some of those data compilations. But we have good news today, as it seems two of our cities rank in the top ten states as the best drivers in the nation! Louisville outranked Lexington by several spots, but both of these larger Kentucky cities can brag about the quality of their drivers.

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We already knew Kentucky was the best and now we know that Louisville and Lexington are also the best in the nation when it comes to good driving. But we have to know – do you agree? We have a feeling this topic will cause a bit of a debate, so feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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