These 12 Restaurants Serve The Best Country Ham In Kentucky

Lovingly deemed Hillbilly Prosciutto, Kentucky Country Ham is a favored meat to dine on in the Bluegrass State. Many folks consider the savory slices a traditional breakfast staple in the south. Kentucky country ham was first mentioned during the 1940s as a hearty preserved meat that could be cured during season and kept in storage year round. The salty pork can now be found both for sale and in restaurants. This southern tradition is even recognized during the annual Kentucky Derby festival. Meat lovers will find it served throughout the festivities at some of the more renowned local restaurants and diners.

Here are 12 restaurants where you can find delicious Kentucky country ham:

Though it started out as simple meat preservation, it evolved into a much loved part of a traditional Kentucky breakfast. Some of these restaurants have been in operation and serving up Kentucky Country Ham for decades. Obviously, they are doing something right, but I know there are more diners open that serve a perfect ham. Country Ham was a staple in our house growing up, as it probably was for many of you. Where is your favorite restaurant to eat Kentucky Country Ham now?

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