These 9 Beachfront Restaurants In Kentucky Are Out Of This World

Our state has some beautiful scenery and waterfront views, but when it comes to beaches, we are a little limited. What we do have offers the serene sounds of waves splashing against the shore, creating an ambiance that makes any meal taste just a little bit better. The beachfront restaurants in Kentucky may be limited, but the ones we have are quite memorable. We may not have beaches like Florida and coastal states, but don’t rule Kentucky out when it comes to lake/riverside ambiance.

Here are 9 beachfront restaurants in Kentucky you should try:

If you are looking for a spot to swim and soak up some sun, check out these favored swimming beaches. If you are looking for some good eats, try these beachfront restaurants in Kentucky and let us know what you think. Mind you, don’t think traditional beaches, as ours vary according to the location. Regardless, you cannot beat the scenery.

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