The Best Times And Places To Spot Bald Eagles In Kentucky

It’s not uncommon to spot wild animals in Kentucky, but there’s still that sense of thrill that comes along with seeing a creature in its natural habitat. Whether it’s a river otter while kayaking or even a bear when hiking in Eastern Kentucky, spotting wildlife in the Bluegrass State is always exciting in its own way. One distinct and often recognizable bird that’s been growing in numbers over the years is the bald eagle. This emblem of our nation can now be found throughout most of Kentucky, but there are certain times and places to spot bald eagles in Kentucky if you want to try and track them down.

Yes, indeed, there are bald eagles in Kentucky and they grow in number each year. They are also spotted in areas of Kentucky that you may not expect, so be sure to look to the sky and the treetops the next time you’re out exploring and see if you can witness these majestic birds in person. Have you seen bald eagles in Kentucky? Where was the most surprising sighting? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on bald eagles in Kentucky, visit the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources website and also check out Kentucky State Parks for any upcoming events.

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