These 20 Pieces Of Architectural Brilliance In Kentucky Could WOW Anyone

Kentucky has some beautiful homes and business buildings scattered across the state. We have what could be deemed works of architectural art, some of which are literally awe inspiring. The most brilliant architect designs vary in size, style and age, but not in beauty or uniqueness.  Each and every one of these was created with thought and planning, with careful consideration put into tiny details that capture and hold the gaze.

Here are 20 works of architectural art in Kentucky:

The architects who designed these amazing buildings in Kentucky are truly gifted. Each one has a unique perspective not often seen in modern architecture. Some add delicate touches, like sculptures worked into the architectural design, or vibrant stained glass windows. Others go bold with strong arches, wrought iron accents or columns. Personally, I find architecture fascinating and love the beauty of unique designs. Do you have a favorite piece of architectural art that draws your eye?

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