12 Amazing Field Trips Every Kentuckian Took As A Kid… And Should Retake Now

Going to school provides kids with a unique experience, adjusted according to child, home and class environment. Growing up, I recall some of the most interesting school days occurred when our class took a field trip in Kentucky. Excursions usually began with everyone lining up and getting on a bus for transport, all giddy with excitement. Some of the places we went to opened the door to exciting adventures and learning experiences.

Growing up doesn’t ban us from taking interesting excursions in our beautiful state. The field trips in Kentucky we loved as a child are still available to us, in most cases. Granted the memories of a cold sandwich and Kool-Aid may not hold the allure they once did, but as adults, we can improvise that. Here are 12 childhood field trips in Kentucky worth taking again:

12. Aviation Museum of Kentucky at 4029 Airport Road in Lexington

This museum reminds us that we were once flying high with simple propeller engines and prayers. We get to see vintage restored air crafts, along with memorabilia from long before some of us were born.

Do you remember taking any of these field trips as a kid? Share your memories with us!