This Spooky Alien Encounter In Kentucky Will Give You Goosebumps

Most people look at Hopkinsville and see a sleepy little town that holds an annual soapbox derby. They see Kelly as a mere speck on the map, completely oblivious to the traumatic encounter that occurred back in August 1955.  Outsiders don’t usually know about the spooky alien encounter  that took place in Kentucky all those years ago. Mind you, this incident goes by several different names. To some it is the Hopkinsville Goblins Case, to others the Kelly Green Men Case. Historically, it has been deemed the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter.

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The police interviewed other nearby farms. All reported strange lights, unknown spooky sounds and gun fire. The gunfire was described as coming from the Sutton farm. The combination of stories by other farmers only proved to further collaborate with the initial families concerns. A strange greenish glow found around the areas where the goblins were thought to be wounded was tested and labeled as, “could not be determined”. The family was deemed both sane and competent, with no desire for media attention, nor interest in exploiting the incident for publicity and notoriety. Still, over the years, it has been featured on several television shows and specials, including Unsolved Mysteries.

The fact that we had a spooky alien encounter near the peaceful  towns of Hopkinsville and Kelly means anything is possible in Kentucky. No harm was done to any involved, but just the observation itself could make things very strange. Have you ever heard any interesting tales like this? What are your opinions?