9 Ways Country Folk Can Tell You’re From A Kentucky Big City

Growing up in a country town provides us with a different perspective then one would get being raised in the city. Small towns have a stronger sense of community then the larger cities in most cases. Everyone tends to know “something” about everyone else. This is why when someone new comes to town; we can easily tell if they were country folk, or city people.

Here are 9 obvious clues that someone grew up in a big city in Kentucky:

These may seem like normal, everyday things, but in rural counties they are rarities. People adjust to their environment. That means that new things, places, and people can seem obvious and feel unfamiliar. It’s not meant to be insulting or derogatory, just basic recognition skills according to area. If you know of any other red flags that make city people stand out in the country, please tell us about them in the comments below.