19 Kentucky Towns with Incredibly Strange Names

Every state has its share of strangely named towns, and Kentucky is no different. We have some uniquely named places scattered from border to border. The Appalachians are home to some of the strangest titles, but the rest of the Bluegrass has quite a few as well.

Here are 19 images of Kentucky’s strangest named towns, with a few extra oddly named communities thrown in:

Though there are only 20 images, but over 40 unusual town names are listed. It would have been easy to keep going. Kentucky people have bestowed some very “colorful” titles to their communities over the years. Chatting with local Elders can provide a wealth of information. Some are quite open about the town name origins. If you live in or know of a unique name I missed, please feel free to list it. The Bluegrass State is a virtual treasure trove of oddly named places.