15 Maps Of Kentucky That Are Just Too Perfect (And Hilarious)

There are funny maps of Kentucky and other states scattered across the Internet. People love to give their opinion on what is strange or funny about other states. Sometimes people enjoy just mocking a specific town. The thing to remember is this is all in good humor and readily available on the Internet. I am happy to report, compared to many other states, Kentucky is virtually angelic.

Some are in good humor, some are off, but here are 15 funny maps featuring Kentucky:

Kentucky is beautiful, but people do like to make us the brunt of the joke at times. We got off pretty easy as compared to some of the other states on these maps. On a positive not, a few of them are helpful. Knowing where to really slow down and watch for deer, or whatever can be a life saver. Which of these maps did you find funny, or have you seen a different one?