13 Photos Taken In Kentucky That You Won’t Believe Are Real

It is so easy to take unique and unusual photos in Kentucky–and they don’t even need filters or Photoshop. The right image can stimulate the imagination and a whole array of different feelings. All that is required is the right moment to click the camera’s button. Each one of these amazing images are bursting with color, or some type of unusual effect caused by the sun and natural light.

Each one of these photographers knew the exact right moment to take the shot. Here are 13 amazing Kentucky photos you won’t believe are real:

I am grateful to these talented Kentucky photographers for graciously allowing me to use their breathtaking images. Some were submitted via Only in Kentucky comments by generous readers. The others are via wonderful photographers who captured the images at just the right moment to give them a magical appearance. I look forward to seeing more amazing photos in the future. Which of the above is your favorite?

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