12 Things That Make People from Small Town Kentucky the Best People

If you are lucky enough to live in small town Kentucky, you know the people there are special. There is just something about growing up in a smaller community that does something to a person. It is such a different type of environment compared to living in a large city. (Not that there is anything wrong with growing up in a city.) Being a small town individual helps us see life through different eyes. Perhaps it is the lack of concrete we look at daily compared to more developed areas.

Here are 12 things that make small town people the best:

Our entire state is filled with good hearted individuals, which is part of what makes Kentucky what it is. People from small town Kentucky seem to be extra blessed with beautiful land and people. It seemed appropriate to use pictures depicting some of our serene little towns spread from border to border. These little communities are a strong part of the heartbeat of our beautiful Bluegrass State. What do you all think about small town Kentuckians?

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