You Will Fall in Love with These 12 Beautiful Old Barns In Kentucky

Kentucky has beautiful landscape from border to border. It’s not just the lush green land that creates serene scenic views though. We have some beautiful barns scattered across the Bluegrass as well. Now, when some people think barn, they aren’t immediately impressed, as they envision livestock and “fertilizer”.  Ironically, that is partially true, but many of these were built with love, and that created some unique architecture that has lasted through the ages.

Here are 12 beautiful old barns in the Bluegrass State:

Some of these barns are not immaculate in their current state, but they can still draw the eye. One can often see the hard work that went into these structures. Not to mention, the care that was taken in the design itself. These 12 buildings are just a sample of the beautiful barns that have been built across the Bluegrass over the years. Please feel free to post any old barns you feel deserve a spot on our list.

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