12 Awesome Things You Can Do In Kentucky When It’s Raining

Right now we are getting cold and snow, but everyone knows it rains on Kentucky quite often. I actually prefer that over the snow, but Jack Frost wins this round. There are times when the preferred weather is unavailable, and people end up stuck indoors for longer than we’d like. This can be a challenge for kids and adults alike, as no one likes to be stuck anywhere. Fortunately, the wise people of the Bluegrass State know how to entertain themselves in times that would otherwise produce significant boredom. It is not difficult to find fun when it rains on Kentucky if you use your imagination. Keep in mind, fun is not the same for everyone.

Here are 12 awesome things you can do when it rains on Kentucky:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Some of these may not seem like awesome things to do when it rains on Kentucky, but they all serve a purpose. Rainy days can be about fun, feeling good about ourselves, or accomplishing something we were too busy to do any other time. We all can see a big picture, but big pictures are made up of little ones, and little things can mean a lot. We likely are not the only state to do “all” these things, but some of them are very Kentuckian. What do you and your family do on rainy days?