11 Things People In Kentucky Did Before The Internet Took Over Our Lives

Growing up in Kentucky during the 1970s was a lot different than modern times because we didn’t have the Internet or smartphone technology. This little “inconvenience” forced us to do things for ourselves. Now mobile technology helps the Internet to swiftly carry our messages, schedule our appointments, track our appointments, provide test results, share party invites and basically control our lives. As a matter of fact, those born after 2003 probably don’t even know what life is like without the Internet… It probably seems like it would be an organized nightmare, but it isn’t. It just means everyone would have to rely on the same methods they had for decades before.

Here are 11 things Kentuckians did before the internet took over our lives:

These are just a few things we did growing up in Kentucky during the 70s and 80s, long before the internet took over our lives. The Internet almost makes things too accessible now, including our own information. We enter our data online to order food and other necessities. Some people even save it on different sites, so they don’t have to enter again. The Internet perks make everything so convenient that we don’t have to leave our homes often. At the same time, it simplifies life for the handicapped and disabled who benefit from such easily accessible services. There is good and bad in everything, depending on how we use it. What did you do before the Internet became a part of your life?