11 Things People ALWAYS Ask When They Know You’re From Kentucky

Whenever we travel outside Kentucky, one thing never fails: People notice our accents. This tends to immediately start a barrage of questioning. Of course, this follows them looking us up and down to see if we are wearing normal clothes and shoes, (especially shoes in my case.) Everyone may not experience this type of behavior from strangers in other states, but it has been our reception a few times. For those of you who have been spared a line of ridiculous questions, consider yourselves fortunate.

Here are 11 things people tend to ask when they know I’m from Kentucky:

These are just a few of the things we have been asked over the years. If we sit and start chatting, we’ll likely remember more. It is possible I, in particular, might have blocked some of the moronic questions from the past. What, if any, questions have you been asked over the years when people learned you were from Kentucky?