11 Fascinating Spots In Kentucky That Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

We all need to get away once in a while, and Kentucky has some magical spots to escape to. Some places are unique because they held onto history. The wonder of the era has been maintained in the décor, woodwork and overall feel of the mansions. Modern spots can be fascinating as well, offering incredible works or art, or enchanting environments. Not to mention, our breathtaking Bluegrass State woodlands are always a wonderful getaway. They are brimming with wildlife and the eternal magic of Mother Nature, reminding us what the entire state was likely like, prior to development. If you have difficulties finding serenity in life, take the time to go out to the woods, and you just might find your own fairy tale.

Here are 11 fairy tale spots in Kentucky:

Each one of these amazing spots in Kentucky is truly fascinating on some level, depending on what your interests are. Nature has always been a favored spot of ours to escape from the daily grind and find that Zen, but a B&B can be quite serene as well. We’ve all read a fairy tale or 10 during our lives, and they can take place in any type of environment. The bottom line is, it is all about what brings us that warm, fuzzy, relaxed feeling… not including wine. What are your favorite “fairy tale” spots to visit in Kentucky?

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